A friend like you

is the best gift ever


"A Gift Shoppe"



"Pathological? Oh dear

Do they hear what I hear?

Granny calls it playback mode

Repeat=Repeat=Repeat -- overload!

I hear everything its all in my head

My brain records everything that is said.

Its loud in HERE

Granny says I am Echolalic" 

(an excerpt from the book)

AWEsome-tistic the abc's of ME

‚ÄčAwe-some-tistic is an A-Z  view of a Granny's buggaboo.  A boy who moves to his own beat, sensory sensitive from head to feet, often offbeat, not defective QUITE COMPLETE --acatalectic"...

This book is designed to learn, share, accept, inspire, and simply  BE.

All proceeds go to support an autistic child in need..

We thank you for your support.